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Readings:  (The Coalition apologizes for the limited availability of material in English)

Aug 17, 2012   "Israeli Second Wife: State Services ‘All Are for Use by the Mother of Your Children’  "However bad family courts are in the United States, they’re better here than in some other countries.  Yes, our courts are pro-mother, our child support laws draconian, our support for visitation weak as a new-born kitten, but for frank disdain of fathers, I think we come in second behind Canada, England and Australia.  Then there’s Israel.  Every once in a while, we get a glimpse of the cruelty, the torture visited on Israeli fathers whose wives and partners have decided to cut them out of their children’s lives.  And when we do, we see that things can be so much worse than they are here.  Read this.

Aug 3, 2012    Israeli Family Judge recuses herself After Fathers Rights Vigil Protest.  A radical Feminist Judge, Esther Stein, who tortured many men and caused many to commit suicide recuses herself and files criminal charges against fathers rights activist.  This judge does not conduct trials.  She does not allow cros examination.  All custody cases result in awards to the mothers, and outrageous child support payments that no men can ever afford.

19/1/2012  Neeman backs nixing custody law favoring moms [Jerusalem Post, Ruth Eglash]   Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman embraced Wednesday recommendations made by a specially appointed panel to revoke a controversial custody law that favors mothers of young children in divorce disputes.  A spokesman for Neeman told The Jerusalem Post that while the minister had yet to fully adopt recommendations made by the Schnitt Committee, he did see the suggestions as a viable solution to the problem of determining where to place children when their parents get divorced.  He said that the recommendations, which were made by a panel headed by Dr. Dan Schnitt that has been meeting for the past five years to discuss the relevance of the 40-year-old law, would now be passed onto the ministry’s legal advisors to draft alternative legislation.  If completely accepted, the new law will revoke article 25 of the Capacity and Guardianship Law, known as the Tender Years Presumption Law, which automatically awards custody of children under six to the mother.

16/1/2012 Israel Minister of Welfare Moshe Kahlon Retaliates Against Shared Parenting Activists   In order to silence dissent before the Rackman conference on January 3, 2012, social workers have searched the internet to fish out “dissidents”.  Many men reported that they were called in for “meetings” with their private social worker, and confronted with “incriminating evidence” that they write in Facebook or other blogs in support of joint custody.  At such interviews, the fathers are being asked point blank if they are active in men's' rights groups. Whether they admit it or not, their visitations rights with the children are suspended, or they are sent to a supervised visitations in a Contact Center, where they get one hour a week with the children in a prison like setting.  These practices were approved by Batya Artman, general counsel for the Ministry of Welfare.  Artman is a ferocious feminist who has approved the indoctrination sessions at the Rackman Center.  The ministers’ aids leaked information that the conference would be beefed up with security instructed to use violent force to deter demonstrators from civilly protesting.

8/1/2012 Australian Male Bashing Guru Jennifer McIntosh Calls Israel To Avoid Shared Parenting   Bar-Ilan University hosted an indoctrination session to train social workers in justifying parental alienation – PAS, and the use of sophisticated language to deny fathers parental rights and access to their children. Australian male bashing guru Jennifer McIntosh participated by video conference and tried to persuade Israel social workers that only mothers connect to children because of "neuron emissions from the right side of their brains". There was no discussion of the documented importance of a father's role in the well being of their children.    x[PDF] Australian male bashing guru attacks Israeli men

6/1/2012 Gov’t panel recommends revoking controversial custody law [Jerusalem Post, Ruth Eglash, Jan 6, 2012].  "A Justice Ministry panel called to revoke a 40-year-old law that grants custody of all children under age six to the mother. The proposal suggested the law be replaced with a gender-equal alternative but did not spell out the details.  The panel, charged with assessing a law determining which parent should receive custody of a child during divorce proceedings, reached its conclusion this week.  While the findings of the committee, which has been meeting for more than five years and is headed by Dr. Dan Schnitt, have yet to be made public, they were discussed in detail at a conference held at the Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women at Bar-Ilan University on Tuesday".

3/1/2012 Police Called in as Fathers Protest 'Anti-Male' Conference   [Arutz 7, Gil Ronen, Jan 3, 2012]  Police called to suppress demonstration of men's rights at Bar Ilan Univ., where the Ministry of Welfare divests its training and lets ferocious feminists train and indoctrinate social workers how to sabotage fathers' rights to child access.  "The event that the fathers object to is the ninth annual conference on "Women, Law and Family in Israel" hosted by the university's Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women's Status. The program for the conference indicates that the first part of the event is intended for social workers, who will hear three lecturers, all of whom support the Tender Years Clause that gives mothers automatic custody of young children in divorce. The activists call this "indoctrination" and note that social workers' opinions are crucial in cases where parents vie for custody.

12/26/2011  Israel Fathers Protest Militant Feminist Conference at Bar Ilan University [PRlog, Dec 26, 2011]  "Militant Feminist conference at Rackman Center in Bar Ilan University is causing fury in Israel, as it is designed to sabotage parental equality, and indoctrinate social workers to treat all men and fathers in divorce or separation as unfit or dangerous parents.  Men's rights organizations vehemently protest it, members of Knesset try to stop it, litigation in Texas has been launched, and pleas to the United Nations CEDAW rapporteur Rashida Manjoo were sent, seeking termination of the organizer, Ruth Halperin Kaddari's membership in CEDAW.   The Rackman Center at Bar Ilan University is headed by militant feminist Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kadari, in close association with another leading speaker, Dr. Dafna Hacker of Tel Aviv University’s Gender Studies program, another militant feminist with strong ties to the New Israel Fund.  Hacker is a founder of Itach-Maaki, an organization that recently volunteered to assist in the legal defense of sadistic man-killer Erika Orbush Frishkin.  Halperin-Kaddari and Hacker publicly encourage women to use children to extort financial benefits from former spouses.  The morning session is an indoctrination session to train social workers in justifying parental alienation, and the use of sophisticated language to deny fathers parental rights and access to their children.  Australian male bashing guru Jennifer McIntosh will participate by videoconference, and will persuade Israeli social workers that only mothers connect to children because of neuron emissions from the right side of their brains".

 21/12/2011  MK Calls on Bar Ilan to Rethink Feminist Confab  [Arutz 7, Gil Ronen, Dec 12, 2011] "MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich (Kadima) has published letters she sent earlier this week to Welfare Minister Moshe Kachlon and Bar Ilan President Moshe Kaveh, asking them to rethink a conference that is to be held at the university on January 3.  The conference is hosted by the university's Rackman Center, which is headed by militant feminist Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kadari. Another leading speaker will be Dr. Dafna Hacker of Tel Aviv University's Gender Studies program, a militant feminist with strong ties to the New Israel Fund".

12/12/2011   UN calls on Israel to amend custody law [Jerusalem Post, Ruth Eglash, December 12, 2011].   "The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has called on the Israeli government to amend its laws in order to ease the burden on fathers seeking full or partial custody of their children.  At a special hearing in Geneva last month, the committee expressed concern that fathers embroiled in custody disputes here are not always treated fairly under the Capacity and Guardianship Law.  In its summation of hearing about the economic, social and cultural situation in member countries, the committee called directly on the state to make sure that custody of children up to the age of six is not always given to mothers and asked the government to find a way to “ensure that child support awards do not lead to an inadequate standard of living for the father.”  The committee was responding to a report submitted by the Coalition for Children and Family, a non-profit organization that unites several bodies engaged in fighting for father’s rights. The report outlines numerous hardships faced by fathers going through what the NGO describes as a gender-biased court and social welfare system".

Documentary on Father's Rights Causes Change, Aug 26, 2011 Channel 7   An overly optimistic report about a movie, one of a kind in Israel, that dares to bring the real truth behind the divorce industry in Israel, directed by Isri Halpern.  Viewers are said to be shocked at how Family Court Judges in Israel do not blink an eye when they order disengagement of fathers from their biological children.  Read also a review from an American perspective, Documentary Film Fans Sparks of Change in Israeli Family Law, Sep 2, 2011.

Israeli Fathers Fighting Discrimination in Family Courts, OnlinePRnews March 2011 (PDF).  Coverage of the courageous Petition to the Supreme Court, Bagatz 2111/11.

Israel Fathers Take Gender Bias Discrimination in Family Courts, Child Welfare to Supreme Court, Free Republic, March 2011 (PDF)  Re: Bagatz 2111/11 – The horrors of social workers tormenting fathers by denying visitations):  "According to the Petition to Israel's highest court, a minor v. Moshe Kachlon, Israel Minister of Welfare and Social Services (Bagatz 2111/11), the Family Courts in Israel have completely divested themselves from any judicial role in areas of custody and children visitation rights, and instead of conducting trials, they callously appoint a social services employee, as Court-aides to determine whether a father may be granted rights of visitations to the children".

Divorced Fathers Say "I Hope Social workers strike Forever", Arutz 7, March 2011 (PDF)  Social workers went on a strike for more pay.  The media brainwashed the public to support the CSWs.  Divorced fathers went to the streets to counter demonstrate against those responsible for their misery:  "A large proportion of divorcing fathers blame social workers for the fact that they have to see their children in "visitation centers" to begin with. Israel's family courts tend to decide custody disputes based on reports handed in by social workers. Fathers' activists say that the workers tend to side with mother against fathers and that as a result, many kind, caring and responsible fathers are torn away from their children every year"…  "These bosses [of the Ministry of Welfare] build their entire power structure by flooding the Israeli welfare system with under-qualified social workers who drag out the suffering of vulnerable children, widows and elderly for their own job security".

Heroic Israeli Dad: Family Courts massacre love and relationships, Fathers & Families 2011 (PDF).  "The father is told that the only way that he can now see his children is in supervised visitation centers (merkaz kesher). Many fathers will not bow to this humiliation order by a callous family court and opt to simply walk away. Leaving thousands of children without fathers in Israel".

Committee: End gender discrimination in custody cases Jerusalem Post 2008 (PDF).  In April 2008 the parliamentary "Schnitt Commission" published its report.  "A Justice Ministry committee charged with assessing a controversial law that determines which parent will receive custody of a child during divorce proceedings reached its conclusion Sunday, calling for Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann to revoke the 40-year-old law and replace it with a more gender-equal alternative".  Feminist figures such as Ruth Halperin-Kaddari said the Schnitt Commission recommendations must be buried, because "weaken the position of women in divorce proceedings in general".  In other words, it's about money. So far, its a win-win for the feminists.

Mother's Advantage, Haifa Conference on Tender Years, Jerusalem Post 2007 (PDF), See also, Israel Divorced Father's To Gain More Custody, Gender Bias Addressed, ISRnewsAgency 2007 (PDF).  A conference held in Haifa organized by Israel Rabbinic Courts administration, social workers and feminists to examine the Tender Years Presumption:  "All the old psychological studies say the mother is the most important figure in the life of a young child and the father is less important… This theory needs to be reevaluated; today there are many fathers who want to raise their children and custody needs to be decided based on what is best for the child".  Wishful thinking in 2007, nothing happened.

Distraught Fathers Vent Anger at Divorce Conference, Arutz 7 2009 (PDF).  Debate held on the delayed recommendations of the Dan Shnit Commission.  Representatives of the Ministry of Welfare such as Moti Vinter and the notorious male-hater and uber child-alienator Niva Milner appeared and said social workers' change of attitude is "a change of discourse", i.e., the way they are talking about parental rights, not the way they implement them.

New Knesset Sub-C'tee Examines Discrimination Against Fathers", Arutz 7 2007 (PDF).  Passionate appearance of divorced fathers tormented by family courts and social workers just for wanting contact with their children.  Then comes her highness, Orli Iness, and reminds everybody that each year 10 to 12 women are murdered, and therefore the Country must spend tens of millions of shekels to "stop the violence", and of course, tighten the noose on those stubborn fathers even more.

The Tender Years Presumption: Kids need dads, too, even divorced ones, Ynet 2005, (PDF). Gil Ronen explains how "with one fell swoop, the court will turn the man from a beloved father to a miserable alimony/child support slave, who has to beg for every single “visitation hour” with his own children".

"Anybody But Dad: Judge Tova Sivan Dislikes Fathers Being in Contact with Children" (PDF).  A personal letter of shocked Americans from Indiana at the abuse encountered by her brother, who immigrated to Israel, by Judge Tova Sivan at Family Court in Ramat Gan, who will do anything to prevent fathers from seeing their children.  Senators from Indiana and California wrote to Israel's Ministry of Justice, back in 2005. The Judge couldn't care less.  For Tova Sivan, it is now and always:  "Anybody but dad!".

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