Sharp Increase in Suicide by Child support Slaves

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Israel: Sharp Increase in Suicides by "Child Support Slaves"

Israel is seeing a sharp increase of short newsflashes about men committing suicide in the past months. A review of the frequency indicates that more men are committing suicide. Fathers’ rights organizations blame it on radical feminism.
Nov. 9, 2012Fathers in Israel claim that radical feminism is a new cause of suicidality in Israel, which was never explored, and is the cause of a sharp increase in reports of male suicides lately.  Short news flashes appear on various media channels in Israel and appear sporadic, but a review of the frequency indicates that more men are committing more suicides.  The fathers’ rights organizations in Israel claim it is a product of intensified draconian child support awards that men simply cannot afford to pay, and inhumane collection measures that makes life for divorced Israeli men not worth living.For example, on November 8, 2012 a news flash stated that a security guard at Kfar Shalem shot himself to death.  On the same day a man in Papaya Beach, Eilat tried to drown himself to death, but was rescued.  On October 14, 2012, a 25 year old man who was called to a police precinct in Maale Edomim shot himself to death with his personal weapon at the precinct’s restroom. On October 26, 2012 a 26 year old man from Bnei Brak committed suicide by Asphyxiation wearing a mask, after a two year marriage.

Activists at the fathers rights organizations report that recently more calls are received from desperate fathers on the verge of suicide, with no hope for physical survival.  Some have become homeless due to police orders of removal following a false domestic violence complaint.  Some have been slapped with child support orders that are so excessive and unconscionable, the men quickly become penniless and have no idea where to get food or shelter.  In all cases the men are separated from their children due to social workers’ recent crackdown on fatherhood, and adoption of new policies that make it difficult for fathers to prove they are fit to see their children, other than in a supervised and controlled “little prisons” called “Contact Centers”.  That fathers argue that the cause of the increase of suicidal tendencies is the over feminization of courts and social workers in Israel.

“Radical feminism is the main cause of suicide in Israel”, says Amir Shipperman. This argument is supported by Ministry of Health data that out of 300 suicide cases annually, 150 are attributed to divorced men or men in marital dissolution or separation proceedings which normally take 5-7 years here.  These figures were admitted to by the Ministry of Justice at a session in the UN-HRC at Geneva in November 2011 in response to a complaint made by fathers’ rights NGOs of gender apartheid perpetrated against men.   However at the Knesset, in February 2012, feminist members of Knesset, Tzipi Hotoveli and Zehava Galon argued that the figure of 50% is not correct because it includes married men who are not yet divorced.  This debate led to a war of statistics in Israel.  The Rackman Center,headed by Ruth Halperin Kaddari, WIZO and Naamat claim that men do not “deserve” equality in family rights, because there are 15 murders of women by spouses annually, a figure they claim proves that men are inherently violent and potential murderers.  Men argue that the murder statistics never reflect murders by women, or contracts for assassination ordered by by women, and that out of the 15 murders only a handful pertain to Jewish Israeli men.  About two thirds are “honor murders” within the Muslim community, and the rest are either intoxicated Russians or culturally maladapted Ethiopians.

Israel does have an Interdepartmental Committee for the Prevention of Suicide, chaired by Ms. Yamima Goldberg, and comprised mostly of psychiatrists, who occasionally conduct public hearings and listens to invited NGOs.  “We had to fight our way into these committee hearings.  I had to threaten them with a court petition.  They didn’t want to invite us, and denied that divorce is a major trigger of male suicide”, says Guy Shamir, spokesmen for Shamir criticizes this committee for “obsessing with statistics, such as how suicides occur, but not why”.
On September 3, 2012 Israel hosted the 14th European Symposium of Suicide and Suicidal behavior”.  The organizers advocated the claim that 90% of suicide cases are consequences of preexisting psychiatric disorders which are allegedly curable via mental health treatments and medications.

Fathers’ rights organizations criticized this conference as being “blind to the social landscape, at least in Israel”.  “Israel, where women are over privileged in divorce with automatic custody, immunity from prosecution for false reports and immunity from child support participation created unique specie of males, the “child support slaves”.  These are men that everything is taken from them, children, property, work employability, dignity, professional licenses, driving licenses, and they enter jail once every three months for three weeks for failure to pay child support that was never affordable to begin with. Already Israel’s child support levels are four times the average of Western countries, and no self subsistence amount is allowed, thus 100% of the salary is garnishable.  No wonder people without preexisting psychiatric orders commit suicide.  It is the radical feminization of Israel that drives them into suiciadality”.

At the Israel Women’s network and Rackman Center, this is considered as collateral damage in the war against the patriarchy.The term "child support slaves" is common in Israel, because women never pay child support, nor do they contribute. Any man must pay at least $500 per month per child, plus 30%-50% of the woman's rent plus half of irregular expenses, medical, dental, extracurricular, and  compensate the wife's attorney anywhere between $2,500 to $15,000.


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